We have a good new and a bad one. Our bad new is that the Indoor Klub Ballerup withdrew … But we invite them to the fourth edition of the Euro Padel Cup, whose place will be announced soon.
The good one is that the Padel Ayamonte Sube a la Red, from Huelva, Andalusia, has joined us.
Welcome to our Andalusian friends to the Euro Padel Cup.


In the north-west of Italy lies the region of Liguria where near the French border lies the province of Imperia, a small territory wedged between the Alps and the sea offering grandiose landscapes. In the Nervia Valley near the 9-century old village of Dolceacqua you can play padel in the brand new club of the same name (it was inaugurated in April 2019), with its two padel outdoors grounds with breathtaking views of the Doria Castle beautifully painted by Monet. Thank you to our Italian friends for this wonderful heritage and of course to represent Italy at the 2019 Padel European Club Cup.


Casa Padel, the largest indoor padel center in Paris with Iberian accents, with its 12 indoor paddle courts powered by adidas padel® including 4 connected padel courts, a coaching and fitness area powered by Reebok®, a space well-being and health center, with an osteopath, a restaurant and tapas lounge bar. All those who took part in the second edition of the European Cup remember it because in 2018 Casa Padel was the host club and the lucky winners of the cup. They had to defend their title and it is therefore a pleasure to announce the presence of the Parisian club in Valencia.

North-west of Barcelona on the northern foothills of the Coliserola mountains in one of the great metropolitan natural park of the world, is the majestic Sport Club of Valldoreix. With 16 clay courts, 2 green set courts, 4 Mini-Tenis courts, 12 Padel courts, one 7-a-side football pitch, 4 Gyms, 1 Swimming pool, a Club house …. The Valldoreix Sports Club will proudly represent Catalonia at the European Cup of Padel Clubs. Benvinguts als nostres amics catalans

Congratulations to Star Padel who, with his sponsor Casas Prime, has a new team for the European Cup! Portugal, the city of Coimbra and Club Star Padel will be present through two sponsors and two teams. Nice “tour de force” of our friends from Portugal!

Toulouse Capital of the French padel will of course be present as in the two previous editions with the French-European Institute of Chriropraxis and the Toulouse Padel Club of Kévin Tournemire champion in 2017.

In the fluvial city of Coimbra, Portugal, the former capital of the country, which houses a well-preserved ancient medieval city and a historic university we can find the Star Padel Coimbra Club. This club and his sponsor Pereira & Santos will have the honor and privilege of representing Portugal in the next European Cup in Valencia.

Bem vindo aos nossos amigos portugueses.


In Casablanca, Morocco, in the center of an 18-hectare sports club, the tennis and paddle section of Cercle Amical Français de Casablanca has 11 clay tennis courts, including 5 with lighting and 6 padel courts, all lit.
It is an honor for the European Cup of Padel Clubs to count on the CAFC for the third edition in Valencia.


In the heart of the Pyrenees in the Principality of Andorra is the thermal complex CALDEA SPORT THERMAL CLUB (the largest spa in southern Europe) and a four courts padel club. It is with great pleasure that we will welcome him to Valencia for the third edition of the European Cup of Padel Clubs.

It is from the mythical city of Giza on the left bank of the Nile and facing Cairo that the Padel Pod Club will represent Egypt as a special guest of the European Cup of Padel Clubs.

Participation in the Padel Intercontinental Cup in Dakhla Morocco for the semi-finalists of the European Cup of Padel Clubs, with expenses included!

It’s been 30 days since Yeray Teniente join us as deputy director for the next edition of the Euro Padel Cup. His understanding with Antonio Navarro, who as the total responsibility for this edition, is perfect if we judge it by the results achieved.

Up until now we can assure:

  • The 9 indoor courts of the Beniparrell club (Valencia) and his facilities.
  • The date (24-25-26-27 of October 2019) was moved to allow semifinalists clubs to participate at the Intercontinental Cup (Morocco) from the 15th to the 19th of November 2019.
  • Team build: 2 pairs males + 1 pair female + 1 coach + 1 sponsor.
  • Visit from professional players, forums, clinics, etc.
  • Transfers Airport-Hotel-Club assured.
  • Media planning in order to attract a huge target.

And the most important thing, this year we will be 16 clubs involved in this third edition of the Euro Padel Cup.

The departures from la Playa club, Padel 4u2, Esprit Padel have been alleviated with the arrivals of IndoorClub Ballerup from Danemark, Beausoleil’s club from Monaco, Padel Club of Cannes, Play Padel Amsterdam and some more …

Antonio and Yeray are remarkable but without the help and the consistence of Pierre, Frank, Philippe, André, Edith and the two Christophe, the AECP could not move forward.

It’s undeniable that the Opens of France: Perpignan, Toulouse, Cannes and the Intercontinental Cup will give us the chance to boost our impact and image.

During our daily’s meetings with representants of Padel, we measure the road travelled by the AECP since 2016.

Ignore the frustrated one’s and the professional denigrators and let’s bring progress to our Padel community.

It’s official the third edition will take place in VALENCIA from the 24th to the 27th of October!

New date for the Euro Padel Cup: originally planned for the 7th-8th-9th-10th of November 2019, the event will finally take place the 24th-25th-26th-27th of October 2019. This change it’s made in order to spread the Euro Padel Cup and the Intercontinental Cup and allow a better organization for the 4 semifinalists of the Euro Padel Cup, that as you know, will be selected for participate in the Intercontinental competition.

A visit to the host club in Valencia!

Claude Baigts visiting Valencia to discuss the organization of the third edition of the European cup of padel clubs at the family sport center. Very warm welcome, in the good mood as always in Spain but also a lot of work. The eight outdoor courts will be available to players as well as the many infrastructures (gym, football field at seven, cafeteria…) of this great padel club in Valencia.
A big thank you to Antonio Navarro and David The Sports Director…

AECP welcomes a new member and a new nation!

SMAIN owner of the club INDOORCLUB Ballerup in Denmark and Pierre Lamouré Vice Pdt of AECP initialed the entry of the company INDOORCLUB ApS as a new member of the AECP.

The club will participate in the 3rd edition of the European Cup in November 2019 in Valencia.