«  The most profesionnal competition for amateurs»

October 03/06 2024 – Club Manantiales – Alhaurín de la Torre

Cup awarded annually since 2016.

International: clubs and/or selections come from several countries, several continents.

Padel because it is the sporting discipline that we chose in 1987.

Clubs: “the heart of Padel” most of us go through them to select players; without it being an obligation!

“The most professional Competition”
Since 2016, we have continued to improve: our communication, our sporting regulations, our offers, our services, the host city Malaga “World Capital of Padel”, the club having 13 to 20 courts and a central… all of this is recognized by participating clubs and players.

Amateur: The participants are all amateurs who do not live off the winnings, won in tournaments and for a majority of them who could not represent their club, their country if there was not playing the International Club Cup of Padel . For 3 days they will compete in 5 matches against other clubs, other players of different nationalities, of different levels. Everyone will benefit from assistance on and off the courts, generally reserved for a minority of professional players.

3rd Edition of the International Cup of Padel Clubs
Thursday 03 to Sunday 06 October 2024

City: Alhaurín de la Torre, Andalusia, Spain Club Manantiales: 12 courts, 10 minutes from the airport.

Participation of: 24 clubs and/or selections of 4 men and 2 women players with substitutes, managers, from 4 continents.


October 3-6, the 2024 edition of the International Club Cup Padel (CICP) will be held once again in Malaga. Under the leadership of its president Claude Baigts, the competition will bring together 24 clubs from 4 continents.

Alain Siu, President of AS Phenix in Tahiti, will deploy a high-level delegation, ready to shine on the international scene.

Claude Baigts is obviously proud to see this international tournament continue on course: “We are proud to announce the participation of 24 international selections, including teams from Polynesia and the Caribbean.”

The metropolis will not be left out with five selections entered. Among them, the team coached by Léa Godallier of 4PADEL Toulouse-Colomiers and two Big selections Padel Bordeaux, with Grégory Coupet at the forefront.

The winners of the 2023 edition, the José Solano Academy, as well as the Shark selection Padel, will also be there, with the stated ambition of aiming for the top places.

The emergence of Romania, represented by three clubs, continues to surprise and delight with the quality of its game. Added to this are renowned nations such as Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, Moldova, and other surprises which will help make this 2024 edition an exceptional vintage.

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José Solano Padel Academy

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