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The C.I.C.P. The International Cup of Padel Clubs is very honored to receive the Club Padel Center from Timisoara in Romania for its 2022 edition.
This is the first time we host a Romanian club and we are very proud of it!

Brief interview with Mr. Lucian Perescu:

When was the Romanian Padel Federation founded? Padel Center sports base since 2015, the Federation is in the process of being recognized. We are currently fighting for padel to be recognized as a sport in Romania.

Your first president? I am the current founding president.

How many clubs and how many members? The Timiosara club has more than 50 padel players and there are 3 other clubs running.

How does the president see the development of padel in Romania in the next 10 years? It’s hard for us like the pioneers to promote padel tennis in Romania, the bureaucracy is high (as everywhere). If we base ourselves on the European countries that today are padel nations, it will take 10 years to have a national padel establishment.
I hope it will have an exponential development like in Italy-Sweden-France, not to mention number 1 in the world Spain. But for that, the Ministry of Sports will have to recognize us as soon as possible.

How many pitches does the Timisoara club have? 3 covered courts, important to be able to play all year round.

How many members? More than 50 very active players and as many casual players.

How did you hear about the AECP? Those are the AECP leaders who contacted us.

What are you looking for by participating in the International Cup of Amateur Padel Clubs? We will participate in the International Cup of Padel Clubs to meet the rest of the leaders, for our players, to be able to compete with players of different levels but also to create close links with other clubs as we do with our Moldovan and Estonian friends who will also be present. Networking as it is an integral part of the AECP.

Would you be willing to become a member of the AECP FORUM, an organization that should make proposals and criticisms for the development of Padel in clubs? Yes indeed! Even if we start the development of Padel in Romania, we can contribute our ideas about our vision of Padel in general, which must take into account the social side of this sport. The International Cup of Amateur Padel Clubs seems to me to be a great opportunity for countries like ours.
I would also like to highlight the work of our friend José Miguel VINALS who put us in contact with many padel decision makers but also with the AECP.

On Friday May 20 in the offices of the Shark Company (Malaga- Spain) the Presidents of the European Association of Padel Clubs: Claude and Pierre, signed with the CEO Alfonso and in the presence of the Commercial Director Daniel, a partnership agreement at the occasion of the International Cup of Padel Clubs.

Shark, a long-time partner of Pierre Lamouré, C° president of AECP, was able to promote this framework agreement.

Shark becomes the first official partner of AECP for the padel  textile sectors and racket.

To finalize these agreements, the two parties have decided to create a line of padel clothing:
“C.IC.P. International Cup of Padel Clubs” and to develop the range of Shark rackets manufactured entirely in Malaga.

AECP will support Shark in setting up its export sales network. All the presidents of the clubs participating in 2022 in Malaga at the CICP will be received in the facilities of the Shark group in the presence of the members of AECP including Pascal and Luis, Secretary General and Vice-President.



Who will be the last clubs to register before May 30?
“The International Cup of Padel Clubs” is open to all amateur players by
through their club: Sport – Tourism – Conviviality.

Closing of registrations on May 30.


The European Association of Padel Clubs created in 2016
organizes every year the European Cup of Padel Clubs.
Faced with the demand of non-European clubs,
the co-presidents Claude and Pierre, launch the


October 6 to 9 in Malaga – Andalusia – Spain – Club INACUA

24 clubs from all countries will participate in the competition, presenting 2 men’s
teams and 1 women’s team.




Reception at the Inacua club from 11 am to 6 pm: 7 training grounds available.
We can organize friendly matches.
7 p.m. – SOHO Moon Dream Hotel coaches meeting.
8 pm – presentation of the clubs on the roof top of the Hotel around the «Coupe de Champagne»
swimming pool. Presentation of groups and schedules of Friday meetings.
8:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Buffet at the Hotel.
Welcom Pack deposited in each room.


7 am to 10 am – Breakfast at the Hotel.
9 a.m. to 8 p.m. – Group matches (8) – each Player participating in 2 matches. 13 lighted courts
offering 3 training courts.
12 noon – At the club bar – We replay the matches glass in hand !!!!
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. – Lunch at the restaurant: La CURIOSA opposite the club. Menu and table service.
8 p.m. – Dinner and official opening of the INTERNATIONAL PADEL CUP:
Restaurant La CURIOSA “Andalusian songs and dances”.


7 am to 10 am – Breakfast at the Hotel.
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Classification tables (3).
12 noon – at the club bar – Point of conviviality and discussion.
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. – lunch at the restaurant: La CURIOSA opposite the club. Menu and table service.
7:00 p.m. – Presentation of the Saturday program around a glass of Champagne or Victoria Beer.


7 am to 10 am – Breakfast at the Hotel.
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – Finals.
2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Lunch at the restaurant: La CURIOSA opposite the club. Menu:
PAELLA- table service. Awards.
New balls – fruit – water – 3 referees – cloakroom – access to swimming pool and gymnasium – possibility of
training before and after the competition by – U Padel. Medical Staff: Doctor – Osteopath, Covered parking
at the hotel and supervised at the club.